Anthony M. Sloane

I have been researching programming languages and software language engineering for more than twenty years. I have made particular contributions to the design and implementation of small languages that bring domain expertise to bear on software challenges, including as a co-author of the main survey paper in the area: When and how to develop domain-specific languages in ACM Computing Surveys.

I’m the lead designer and developer of the Kiama language processing library for Scala that applies domain-specific techniques to the rapid development of language implementations. I’m the lead of the Cooma project funded by Oracle Labs Australia that is investigating pure, functional language design based on fine-grained object capabilities. My work on the Skink Software Verification Tool with Franck Cassez focuses on applying Kiama, sbt-rats, SMT solvers and related libraries to build an automatic program verifier for LLVM with applications to correctness and security.

Previously, I was one of the designers and developers of the Eli compiler generation system which uses high-level domain-specific languages as specifications.




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